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"I have had many accidents and injuries in my life which have required a lot body work and therapy over the years - physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, reiki, rolfing, cranial sacral, acupuncture - you name it, I've had it. Brian is by far one of the best. His approach is very subtle, but it is is deep, intuitive, and thorough. In just one session he alleviated a crunching I had in my shoulder for nearly a decade. Most importantly, he genuinely cares about his clients and makes sure that his work is what they need - both during and after an appointment. I highly recommend him."

Lauren W. 

"I worked with Brian over the summer, and he helped to release old patterns of holding tension in my hips, legs and shoulders, greatly improving my range of motion and relieving pain.  Highly recommend."

Lakshmi P. 

"I'm eternally grateful to Brian and his unique ability to assist the body in releasing old patterns of trauma and pain. I came into his office with debilitating menstrual cramps and chronic pain I had lived with for most of my adult life. After my 4th session with him, I had my first pain-free cycle in years. I truly was not expecting such a profound healing of my mind, body and spirit.

His intuitive ability to know where my body needs attention and to make me feel safe, provided the perfect space for healing trauma that had been stuck in my body since childhood. My body feels amazing, even months after working with him, and things that had been hidden from my consciousness came to the surface -- which shifted my life in ways I wasn't even expecting. I'm a completely different person than before I walked into his office."

Christy W.

"This was my second (and best!) experience with myofascial release.  I've had pain in my neck for years, but it had recently become very uncomfortable.  I experienced so much relief in the very first session with Brian that I was amazed.   Since then, it's gotten better every day.  I don't think I even remembered what it was like to actually feel my chin touch my chest, or to be able to check my blind spot while driving without pain. Brian shares his knowledge in a gentle way, and I've recommended him to everyone at my yoga studio.  Getting relief in my neck and upper back have allowed me to improve my yoga practice without discomfort."

Kim P. 

"Brian's work is profoundly healing. He guided my nervous system to a deeply restful state - I relaxed in a way I hadn't for years, or maybe ever. In that state, my system was able to heal and restore itself, releasing stuck nervous system charge from old traumas and stress. And over time, as I released and softened these long held patterns of tension, my life force energy spontaneously began to flow, enlivening my body and being. It took a little time to get there, but it was truly a life changing healing experience."

Rachel K.

"A session with Brian is a beautiful lesson in trust and surrender.

A dance between the polarities... Brian holds the safe, loving container that allows for me to fully surrender in to the flowing life force within me. The energetic exchange is difficult to wrap language around. Does his safety make me surrender? Or does my surrender make him a safe container? It's a feedback loop that is not one directional.

For me, working with these polarities, allowing myself to be fully IN my body has helped to facilitate tremendous self trust, trust in my body, trust in the force of love/universe/life that moves me without my conscious effort. It allows me to merge with the force that moves the cosmos. Out of my control, into trust."

Katie D. 

"Brian has a natural gift for myofascial release. The work is gentle and subtle and after the session I was able to move my right leg / hip in a way that I had not been able to in over 2 years. I also had significant pain reduction in my hip joint. I would highly recommend Brian as a practitioner who is knowledgable and skilled."

Jenny B. 

"Brian freed-up the tightness in my neck, head, and shoulders. He has a wonderful touch, and seems to be intuitive about where I needed the most release. Thank you, Brian, for giving me relief from the tension that made me feel trapped and hurting."


"Brian was extremely professional. I went in not quite sure what to except but the release that he was able to achieve with one of my shoulders (my body was being very stubborn, he did what he could with the time we had) was fascinating. And it lasted quite a long time afterwards, weeks. So weird feeling & seeing your body shift and release the tension you didn’t even realize you were carrying!"


"Brian is awesome. 4 days later and my head,neck, and shoulders are still pain free. I have cervical arthritis with reversing of my C-spine and have suffered chronic pain,stiffness, and decreased range of motion for nearly a decade. I have tried numerous massage therapists and techniques without much benefit. Brian uses techniques similar to my D.O. neurologist. I will definitely see him again."


"Brian was very communicative and guided me through the entire session. I had a release and really enjoyed the calming energetic shift that allowed me to release. Will def be switching to this from deep tissue massage."


"Brian did an excellent job of relaxing the muscles in my mandible. He has a natural touch and knows exactly where the trouble spots are located."


"This was my first experience with Myofascial Release. Brian really helped improve the range of motion in my hip. I will be going back for additional sessions and highly recommend his services."


"Brian was awesome. He explained everything thoroughly and the treatment/experience was epic. I noticed immediate positive results and will recommend him to friends and family."


"I was referred to Brian by my massage therapist who explained that he could help free up some of the scar tissue I had from several surgeries. During treatment, we start by focusing on a specific area. After this area of my body releases, he moves to a different area that's tied to the original pain, releasing several stuck points, which unwinds the body in the most freeing way. It's so amazing to feel how my body is connected. Brian provides sustained pressure on one part of my body, and then my body senses how to release. It's difficult to describe the way my body responds or moves, but I ALWAYS feel much better. I am grateful to Brian for helping restore range of motion in my neck, chest, arm and hip"


"My daughter recommended Brian to me back in December and I made an appointment with him in mid January. Darn, I wish I had made it sooner!

I fell and broke my hip a couple years ago and the surgeon who repaired it tore up really a lot of muscles in my thigh and butt. I have struggled a lot, had quite a bit of physical therapy, And many, many hours of expensive massage and I'm sure they all helped me.

But two sessions with Brian had an amazing effect on me. I don't experience nearly as much chronic pain nor is my walking as severely impacted as it was. Stairs both up and down are significantly easier for me and my stamina is much improved.

His technique reveals to me a real depth of understanding of the mechanics of movement, and his sensitivity, via his very light touch, to what is preventing my body from working the way it should is simply amazing.

I have had a lot of bodywork done over the years, various massage techniques, Traegering, Rolfing, Feldenkrais And a host of others and Brian really is in a class by himself.

I will be seeing him in about a week and plan to see him on a regular basis at least once a month."

Kip W. 

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