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What are adhesions?

Adhesions are fibrous bands of scar tissue that bind two parts of tissue that are not normally joined together. 

What causes adhesions?

  • inflammatory diseases: endometriosis, chrones, colitis, etc.

  • infections

  • surgeries: pelvic, abdominal, organ, mastectomy, reconstructive, etc.


  • radiation treatments 

How does a Myofascial Release therapist treat adhesions?

  • scar release technique: gentle, sustained stretching of the external scar in multiple directions.

  • internal adhesions: the therapist compresses, and lengthens the connective-tissue (fascia) around the areas of restriction in order to reorganize and break the fibrous sheets, which can sometimes be deep in the abdomen.

How does MFR help adhesions?

  • alleviates discomfort: pain, sensitivity, numbness, tingling, tightness 


  • restores movement in restricted areas 

  • re-sensitizes the body

Adhesions sometimes add unnecessary layers of scar tissue  

When left unaddressed, scar tissue fibers grow like vines that can connect to other anatomical structures.

Myofascial release helps unstick adhesions so you have less discomfort and increased mobility.

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